Legoland at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

February 10, 2009

I’m hoping that my nieces will take me to the Children’s Museum so I can check out the recently opened Lego Exhibit.  The exhibit lasts until May 3, 2009.

In it, “kids and their families are transported to a LEGO kingdom where they can become master castle builders. In LEGO Castle Adventure, visitors can construct castles, learn about real-world castles and their building secrets, and plan their ideal castle’s defenses.”

We were supposed to go last weekend, but the nieces fell ill. When I do get to go, I will be able to see for the first time the “Fireworks of Glass” installation by Dale Chihuly.  I really enjoy his work.  In the video that is linked, he chucks some of his works in a river.  Good stuff.

Also, in case you missed it, here is some more Lego art:

Here is a Flickr search resulting in more album covers re-envisioned with Legos.

Just so I’m not completely apolitical, here is the Obama inauguration at Legoland.

And finally, The Simpsons intro (via boingboing.net):



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